It’s been quite a while I was away from my blog… but I think its high time now and I should be regular here.

Currently, it seems I am stuck in a witches circle of work and home chores and not able to take out enough time to interact with you all.

So here is what keeping me busy these days –



Ohh my gosh…it seems I am immersed in work these days. Recently joined an edtech startup and I have more in my plate than I can take up. But the best part is, I am enjoying every bit of it…the hush-hush time, quick deliveries, keeping a track, getting involved with kids, research and everything around it J



Ohh my husband has a new found love in his life and that’s home-baked cookies and cakes…the requests just keep increasing. As I am writing this, I hear this new request coming from him to learn baking the perfect red velvet cake.


images (1)

Off lately I have realized I am compromising on my health to keep myself up on work and home front. I have taken this silent mid-year resolution that I’ll walk down from the office… let’s see how far I can pull this up.

I hope, I’ll bring in more interesting stuff for you guys in future…

Ohh BTW, tell me the motivations that keep you rolling… I am waiting eagerly to see some suggestions coming up.