Lately I have been looking into YouTube videos on various DIYs and glass painting captured my attention. Its fun, easy and beautiful to look at!

my new found love for the glass painting took me to Titsy Bitsy, a craft store nearby my place in Bangalore, which had an enormous collection of super cute craft supplies. Trust me, I didn’t felt like coming out of the store once I started exploring the stuffs out there. There were beautiful paper flowers, glitters, glues, laces, felts, wooden letters, ribbons and all the other cute things one can imagine of…

paper flowers                           LBSC10422                                   DCSC12527

Although I was mesmerized with the collection, I had little Idea on how to use them and thus went straight to the counter meant for glass painting supplies directly 😛

Here is what I bought to start with my new found love – Glass painting!

glass paint

I started painting hesitantly,thinking of how it would turn up. To make the project more interesting and to add up to my good deeds (yup, those were pending for a loooong long time), I started my project with upcycling an old coffee jar and a beer bottle 🙂

I decided to turn the coffee jar into an underwater scenery and the beer bottle into a color-pop vase, here is how it turned up –

10644356_10152582735722144_7935598018676803970_o 10830855_10152582735822144_8782407048627729591_o 1404617_10152582735632144_5857079826288035460_o 1014988_10152582735552144_2678658735764060334_o 905819_10152582735382144_7769375802460714757_o

How is it?? Do let me know the areas of improvement and yes, if you have any more upcycling ideas, do share!