And just when you are happy about things happening around you, there is someone or something to screw things up for you!

The weekend was going all well, some good deeds done on Saturday for tiny little furry friends – got the stray puppies nearby vaccinated. Then thought this is good time to go for an indulging shopping session with dear friend… decided to drop at her place on Saturday night and we managed to wake up till 4 am just to chit-o-chat and enjoy a huge round of secret-sharing session.

Went for shopping the next morning, got a few summer picks; some really comfortable footwear that I was longing for since ages; and decided to go back home a little early to catch up on some sleep that I missed during that chit-o-chat session.

Got a text from someone I know to meet up. As usual, I said a yes, sacrificing the sleep time. Reached the decided place a little before time, texted him to ask if it’ll take him long to reach the place or he’ll be there soon – No reply!

Then gave him a call to know if everything was alright at his end – Didn’t pick the call! And now I was even anxious about things at his end, then there went another text and then another one and then one more…and neither of them was replied nor the phone calls made in-between were answered…. I was waiting like an idiot for 2 long hours…. I haven’t received any call or text from him as yet.


(Picture – Google Images)

I still didn’t get, why this was done, do people get sadistic pleasure out of hurting someone? Do they feel a proud moment, playing with someone’s feelings?? Do they enjoy wasting someone’s precious time?? Or there is no better way to insult someone for no reasons – Men Suck!