Though holi is the time when most of the hostelers want to be at home, but we all at RIE, always had a different opinion than rest of our counter parts…. You’ll soon get to know why I can say this so confidently….

Ohh by the way, for all those who have little idea about what Holi is – It is festival of colors celebrated all across India for some mythological reason, but who cares… we celebrate it for getting a chance to experience the joy of being drenched, seeing color-ladened faces and enjoy the bash with water, colors  sweets and thandai (a drink specially made for Holi).


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All the preparations errr strategies for playing holi were made on the eve of Holi – how and what would be done with the juniors, how to bring seniors in the game, whose water buckets will be used as drums this time and who will be the one to take the first dip in the hostel fountain pool (this pool is specially prepared for the holi)

The night before Holi used to be the most happening one of the seasons. As hostel’s tradition, hostel warden used to call for a meeting to wish everyone (Yes, You getting it right, she never dared to enter hostel on the D-day) and ofcourse to give that boring lecture on security and precautions to be taken while playing Holi. Trust me, NO one used to be present mentally at that meeting, everyone was busy making their own plans and strategizing pranks to be played. Then there was a meeting called by seniors to give their side of excuses – don’t put water in each other’s rooms, it becomes hectic to clean stuff later; spare XYZ from water tomorrow, she is not well; don’t disturb ABC, she has been given extra assignment from mathematics professor; play safe as exams would be approaching and so on….. Then there was the most awaited meeting of the day – Wing Meeting, which everyone used to wait for – as this was the one where all the plans/strategies and modus operandi were discussed; dance songs for the party were searched and set in place; potpourri of sweets were planed and so forth. The whole exercise used to take almost all night’s time and then in hurry-burry the meeting was dispersed as by now most members were already asleep in meeting room.

The morning of holi used to be different and much awaited one, there was something special about it every year – at times it was aroma of gulal in the air all around, at others, it was music coming from boy’s hostel and at times screams from our hostel where in girls were so enthusiastic of the festival that they used to start day with pouring a bucket-full of water on their roommates when they were still in the sound morning slumber. After the breakfast session the Holi celebrations were announced formally to warn all those who were looking for safe places to hide themselves… you how girls are cranky, attention seekers and what not!


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So, soon after the announcement was made, the colors, music and chaos used to take the toll. Everyone was active and on a prowl looking for the best prey to experiment her set of pranks…. Prey and juniors used to sound almost synonymous and hence were first to be attacked with colors and water. The common practice followed and by now was made a tradition was of lifting the person and dropping them in hostel’s fountain pool, which was pre-prepared with extra mud, colors, algae, chatani and what not 😛

By afternoon everyone used to be totally drenched in holi mood and dancing like craziest bunch of morons on Bollywood holi songs and waiting for festive feast in mess. The anxiety on everyone’s face for feast at mess seemed exactly as on someone’s face who was waiting to find food for months and finally found some crushed nut somewhere. I can bet, almost everyone used to overeat that feast not just because they were hungry, but because it was Feast Day and aunty at the mess was waiting  very impatiently for the lunch hours to end….


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Post lunch, it was cleaning and bathing time, where in a mini holi session used to start at water points, common points and bathrooms. By end of the day almost everyone was so tiered and sleepy that most of us used to miss our regular evening prayer and head count session and were almost dead in sleep reminiscing the great day we had… Missing You All this Holi the most…