There were times when I was waiting for the hostel times to end and spread my wings to look for beautiful things around the corporate world… and here I am in this dirty world now, fake smiles, office politics, running behind targets, work pressure, back stabbing and what not… Phew!!

Those were beautiful days; mornings were always cool and smiling.  I used to wait for weekend mornings than any other day, reasons was simple – Those were days assigned for NCC (National Cadet Corps) practice and I used to enjoy the run, drill, commanding the troops, march practice more than anything else. Those rigorous 4 hours and then back-to-back Badminton matches and I still had energy to Chit-o-chat with hostel mates – Ohh!! I am missing all the fun so much 😦


Power cuts at hostel were always fun time, I remember how we used to play pranks on weak-at-heart ones 😛 Hours-long gossip sessions revolving mostly around boys and boys’ hostel over common point and the group getting bigger with the passing time…

I still remember how my friends cared for me like a perfect nurse when I was unwell; how you were there to be my family when I was homesick; how you always leaned your shoulder when I needed it to cry for no reasons at all; thank you all for being there with me in the good and tough times.


Awww! I already have tears in my eyes…I’ll be penning down some more hostel moments soon….


Pictures Credits – Google Images