After a long planning, we finally met Swati’s little angel – Jeenisha. Ohh, you must be thinking who this Swati is… she is one of my best friends and we were room-mates as well during our hostel stay. I and Reena, another friend of mine who is more like a shadow to me than a friend, went to Tagore Garden, Delhi to meet the little princess and of course our friend who recently took over this new role of Mom. Shopping for the little one was a little tricky – choosing whether to go with the colorful frock or a cute set of top and skirt or to go with sporty tee n shorts was tough. To top the confusion, you have to choose the size as well – She’s so tiny… Anyhow, we could finally settle down on a set of pretty top and shorts and a super cute tee with “I Love Daddy” written on it (Blame me for not clicking the pic). Loved seeing her giggling, making strange faces on the encounter with bright light and cutely taking her mitten-covered hands to mouth… Ohh I can go on and on and on…. God Bless the Little one….


Someone rightly said, you might or might not have had a boyfriend, but you always have girlfriends – You Rock Gals!!

It was a wonderful evening… Great company, good food, and gossips!!