Did you ever felt that unfillable void – one that is difficult to fill by anyone or anything in life even when you are surrounded by the finest of things and people around you?? What do I do to make it up? Where and whom do I go to? Would crying my heart out help? How do I explain what am I going through to my near and dear ones?

All these question and so many more were whirling in my mind and was not able to sleep even a bit the whole night. Never felt this helpless and confused ever in my life… was not even able to decide whether to look for quick solutions or understand the deeper roots to the problems.


When I couldn’t find anything at my help, decided to find rescue in music – I don’t know how many of you have been helped by this, but it certainly worked wonders for me. It brings some kind of calmness to life if not solves the boulders in it. Listened to some really good Sufi numbers and trust me it takes you to another world altogether – the World of soul-soothing calmness, world of spirituality, world of kindness, world so divine,  and the world where you don’t think of problems, consequences or solutions.

Image Courtesy – Google