I remember when u came to stay with us, how tiny, how fragile u were… you were not even able to walk properly on the marble floor and stay there for a while. All of us were strange to you and could see that fear and worry in your eyes – What if these guys  are not as loving as my mom, what if they don’t care when I am hungry, what if I need to just cuddle someone up to feel that warmth??


Buddy – let me tell you and the world around, you are the best friend and loyal appreciator I have got ever. You are apple of my eyes and will always be. I love you more than I care about anyone and anything else around and will keep doing so till the end of my life.


You have taught me to love someone selflessly and to keep aside ego and anger when it comes to a relationship, as you are growing – I am learning from u, and loving the small lessons learnt each day – I Truly Truly believe you are an angle sent to me to teach me some good things in life and to make up for all the LOVE I was missing for long. BLESS YOU buddy for being there!!

You are my best(est) buddy- selfless, as loving as one can be, and most loyal friend one can get!!