Koi lauta de mere beetey hue din – I was not able to make out the deep down meaning of this lyrics when I heard it for the first time. Today, when I look back at few closed chapters of my life, the song automatically comes to my lips.

Those were good few days when there were no worries to prove yourself, portray strong on those weak moments and run in that never-ending mad rat race to be someone people look upto…

I remember, how during childhood, I used to adore making origami birds and just to make those perfect birds, used almost all the pages of dad’s dairy. Made a silly-sally sorry face and was saved by mom for this blunder, right at the moment I was sure of being saved, went to dad with the best(est) of bird I could make from those pages to ask if it was perfect enough to flaunt among friends….


Remembering those days just bring a smile on the face now, how eagerly I used to wait for those Sunday mornings – Alibaba, malgudi days, jungle book and then the non-stop fun of gulli cricket, pakadam-pakdaai, raja-mantri-chor-sipahi and hanging on the Neem trees to look for mangoes… even the thought brings that nostalgia again!


I wish, I can just get  one chance to meet that fairy, I grew up hearing about, and she grants my wish, My wish to travel back to that time when life was only about living on our own terms.