I remember the first time, when I was a kid, and was afraid of going out alone on the lonely walkway, you came right beside me and been the best companion to be with; listened to those sweet nothings, stupid complaints and consoled me. You taught me to be composed and be empathetic to ones who are in pain. As I was growing up and learning what you taught me, you suddenly vanished to never come back again to be with me…

I was waiting to have gleams of you, to my surprise; you were here to be with me again….last night was a dream come true again, thanks for that warm bear hug – trust me it was long awaited and much needed one. Your eyes make me forget all the worries and send a sense of rejuvenation down my soul!

Where were you all these days… missed being all alone and yet being a part of the crowd, missed all those sweet talks with you, missed staring at stars together on chilling nights…but, I am happy you are back again… never leave me, I need you in life – My Strength!