Love for Mom by a Child is one thing I always run short of words for – I Love you mumma for trillions of reasons and no reasons at all at the same time….mumma you have always been like a molten wax, always ready to mould the way we want you to be! You went through all the pains to keep me safe from the harsh world in the womb when I was a tiny being. You sacrificed all the outings and hangouts so that I could be fed well when I needed to grow up, you became my first teacher to teach me how to walk, talk and write. You became my best friend when I needed someone really bad, my last moment exam preparation partner, my lightsaber, my secret keeper and still changing roles every day to make this world a safe and beautiful place for me. Since the day I opened up my eyes, I have been seeing you pouring your love and affection over me selflessly – Hats off to you mumma!

I feel the luckiest person in the universe to have you in my life. Luv Ya Maaa!!!

Whenever I listen to “Your arms are my castle and your heart is my sky” I can’t think of anyone else, but you – You’ll always remain my first love!